New Perspective – ONLINE course (21.05 Saturday 14:00 – 18:00)


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New Perspective – ONLINE Course

Saturday 21.03 | 14:00 – 18:00 h

After connecting with zoom, you will be informed that a translation is available – to listen to the english audio, you need to choose english translation. The course will originally be given in german language.

  • The streaming link you will receive after registration and payment with our confirmation email.
  • You can connect from about 15 minutes before the start of the meditation class.
  • three ways to join the meditation class:
    (1) windows or macOS computer with zoom,
    (2) android smartphone or iPhone with zoom app
    (3) regular phone (just audio to listen)

1) join on your computer / notebook with Windows or Mac OS

  • overview how to connect in 4 steps:
    – click streaming link (from the confirmation email, that we sent you)
    – 1st time only: download zoom streaming client and start it
    – 1st time only: close zoom streaming client again and click the streaming link again
    – enter name and email and then the video will appear
  • Description in Detail:
    When clicking on our streaming link the first time, a browser window with a zoom website will open and you will be asked: “Do you have Zoom Client installed? Download now” – Please download and install zoom client. (Attention: In this Browser window there ist also a blue button shown called “Create Meeting” – please ignore this button! )

    When finished downloading double click the downloaded file to install and start the streaming software.

    At this point after installation zoom client asks for Meeting ID and password to enter, but this is not necessary, as they are included in the streaming link. So please close zoom client and click the streaming link again from our email.

    Zoom then will ask you to write your name and email-address for confirmation, and then the video will appear. Until the start of the event, a still picture will be transmitted, but no sound yet.

2) join on your iPhone or Android smartphone

  • download zoom:
    – please go to the appstore / playstore and find the app “zoom cloud meetings” and install it
  • click streaming link to connect:
    – afterwards klick the “streaming link” in our confirmation email that we sent you after booking
    – you will be asked to accept, that you want to open the link using the zoom software (you can also choose to accept this for future links, then you are not being asked again).
    – when entering the live stream please write name and the email-address, that you used for the booking

3) join listening with a regular telephone

  • in the Email with the streaming link you will find the following information how to listen to the meditation course with a regular telephone:
    – call the telephone number +420 2 2888 2388  or +420 5 3889 0161,
    – you are asked to enter the Session-ID – please use 450-822-432 (finish with hash key: #)
    – you are asked to enter participant ID: skip with hash key: #
    – you are asked to enter Session-Password: please enter the password from your confirmation email (finish with hash key #). The password is renewed for each meditation class.
    – zoom now reports that you are connected with the session. However, as we just transmit a still picture before we start 18:15 and the microphone is still switched off, you will not hear anything before approx. 18:15 (+/- 3min)

Questions in meditation?
– If questions arise during the meditation class, they can be asked in the chat of the streaming software or by email in writing to

Frequent Questions

  • Question 1: iphone or android smartphone does not connect for the first time, what should i do?
    Please install the “zoom cloud meeting” app manually from app store (apple) or play store (android). After this you can tap on the streaming link of your confirmation email to connect.
  • Question 2: Windows or MacOS does not connect the first time, what should i do?
    People using zoom the first time (or who use a new device),  click the streaming link and then see a browser window opening showing a website from There is a blue button “Create Meeting” and below is a Text link “Do you have zoom client installed? Download now“.  Please click “Download now” (and ignore the blue button above). 
  • Question 3: Where is the Session-ID and Password?
    Solution: After installing zoom client it asks for Session-ID and password to enter. Both is not necessary to enter, as they are included in the streaming link. So please close zoom client at this point after when installed and click the streaming link again from our email. Now it should connect.
  • Question 4: I don’t hear anything, what should i do?
    When the Live-Stream is connected, at first there ist just a still picture and now sound. But when the teacher starts talking, and there is still no sound, the following should help:
    Solution: on you smartphone / iphone tap on the headphone button  labelled “join audio” in the lower left corner and choose “connect via internet call” – thus the sound will be transmitted via your internet connection.
    We don’t suggest to choose “Dial” at this point, as with this option the audio signal can be transmitted with a regular phone call.
  • Question 5: I have a Computer with Windows 10 S Mode and can not install Zoom, what can I do?
    Solution: One way to participate in a Zoom meeting in Windows 10 S mode is via the web version. To do this, you must have the latest version of Microsoft Edge installed. Go to and click on Download for Windows 10 and Install the new Edge browser.
    Open the streaming link from our email with the new Microsoft Edge browser (or copy&paste the link into the browser’s address bar).
    At first you will only see the message “If you don’t see a dialogue box, download Zoom and run it”. Wait a few seconds, then the text will update: “If you can’t download or run the application, join via your browser.” You can now log in and join the meeting. The streaming quality may be not as good as with the zoom client software, but it should be OK.

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