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Kadampa Buddhismus v Praze
spravuje Meditační centrum Kadampa Drážďany // managed by Kadampa Meditationszentrum Dresden e.V.
Hoyerswerdaer Str. 23, 01099 Dresden, Německo // Germany

Email: mail@kadampa.cz
Telefon (Phone): 0049-3518474250 (Mluvte prosím na záznamníku // please use the answering machine)
registrovaná charita // registered charity: VR4374

představenstvo // board: Steffi Dorschner, Mario Niese, Kelsang Roma
Zodpovědnost za obsah // responsible for content: Salome Werth

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Terms of use

Information on participation in events of the Kadampa Meditation Centre Dresden (GTC)

§ 1 General

The following information are General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and apply to all events, including online events, of Kadampa Meditationszentrum Dresden e.V.. They regulate the relationship between the participant (“Participant”) and Kadampa Meditationszentrum Dresden e.V. (“KMC”) as the organiser.

These GTC are available at https://meditation-dresden.de/agb.

The KMC reserves the right to change these GTC to an extent reasonable for the participant. The latest version of the GTC shall apply unless the user objects to their validity within four weeks after becoming aware of them.

§ 2 Booking

The booking for an event of the KMC (participation agreement) can be concluded bindingly in writing (by email or online booking) as well as verbally (e.g. by telephone or on site). Bookings are generally confirmed by the KMC in writing by email.

The participation agreement generally ends after the end of the event, in the case of points cards with the cancellation of the points or expiry of the validity period, in the case of centre or taster cards after expiry of the validity period, and in the case of subscription cards with the expiry of the agreement for participation in the basic or teacher training programme of the NKT-IKBU.

When purchasing a centre card or a taster card, the participation agreement is concluded for one month and in the case of a subscription card for an indefinite period, in accordance with the respective study programme agreement. When purchasing point cards, the participation agreement is valid for three months (4-card) or six months (10-card).

The type and scope of participation entitlements in the case of point cards, centre cards or subscription cards can be found at https://meditation-dresden.de/unser-zentrum/beitraege/.

§ 3 Cancellation, termination, refund

The participant may cancel or revoke his/her participation without giving reasons up to 1h before the start of the event. If the participant cancels his/her participation in writing (e.g. online) or verbally before the start of the event, the KMC will offer him/her a rebooking or a voucher. A refund of the participation fee will only be approved in justified exceptional cases, there is no entitlement to this. A written request for refund of the participation fee has to be sent to the managing director of the KMC.

Course events at the weekend are excluded from the aforementioned regulation according to § 3.1. A cancellation of participation must be received by the KMC in writing (e.g. online) or verbally 24 hours before the start of the event.

The KMC reserves the right to unilaterally terminate or cancel a booking (participation agreement) at any time, without notice and without giving reasons. This also expressly applies in the case of overbooked events.

In the event of an event cancellation on the part of the KMC, the KMC will reimburse the participant for any fees paid in advance, provided that the participant waives the right to a rebooking or a voucher. The participant must be informed of event cancellations by the KMC.

Subscription tickets can be cancelled by either party at any time without giving reasons. This regulation expressly does not apply to the centre and taster cards with a one-month validity period and points cards.

If, in the case of online events, the participant is unable to take part in an online event for technical reasons for which the KMC is responsible, the KMC will reimburse the participant for any fees paid in advance. If the participant cannot take part in the booked online event for technical reasons for which he/she is responsible, there is no right to a refund.

§ 4 Participation fee

The current fees and prices published by the KMC apply. Value added tax is already included in all prices and fees.

Fees and charges are generally due for the user at the time of booking, at the latest, however, at the beginning of the event or, in the case of centre or subscription tickets, monthly, at the beginning of their period of validity.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the participation fee shall be made by Paypal payment order, by bank transfer or on site in cash or by EC or credit card.

§ 5 Video recordings of meditation courses for participants in online events.

The KMC provides the online participant with selected video recordings exclusively from online events, mostly from Sundays.

After the end of the course and the upload time, the online participant will receive a separate email from the KMC with links to the video recordings.

In general, all video recordings provided by the KMC are protected by copyright and are for personal use only. Reproduction of the recordings or their transfer to third parties is therefore not permitted.

The availability period of the video recordings depends on the duration of the event and will be announced on the event website. The recordings cannot be made available by the KMC for longer than stated.

§ 6 Liability

In case of damage to property or financial loss for which the KMC is demonstrably responsible, liability is limited to cases of intentional and grossly negligent behaviour of the KMC or its representatives. In the case of personal injury, the KMC is only liable for culpable breaches of duty.

The events of the KMC are explicitly not therapeutic events.

§ 7 Data Protection

Booking data are stored and processed electronically by the KMC. The KMC undertakes not to pass on booking data. This applies in particular to the online registration of a participant profile with password-protected access.

Recordings of any kind by the participant are only permitted after approval by the KMC. Recordings without prior approval are expressly prohibited. 

2.a. This applies in particular to online events. These may not be audio-visually recorded, copied, distributed or exploited by the participant unless there is express permission from the KMC.

The KMC reserves the right to make picture and sound recordings during events and to use them for advertising purposes of the KMC, unless a recorded participant expressly objects to this.

In all other respects, our data protection regulations apply. Visible at www. ……………..

§ 8 Miscellaneous

All legal relations of the parties are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Should individual provisions of this agreement become invalid or incomplete, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

The participant may only assign his rights and obligations from the participation agreement to third parties with the prior express consent of the KMC.

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